Aaron Russo for President

Monday, May 24, 2004

World's First Audioblog By A Presidential Candidate

Aaron Russo today completed the first audioblog by a Presidential candidate in the history of America.

Please go to Aaron's website here and listen to what he has to say.

This is recording that he made where you can listen to him talking on his blog.

I left a comment about this at the Jeff Jarvis and at the Ed Cone blog hoping they will listen and comment on the story.

I sent an email to Dave Winer asking him to comment on the story.

I left a comment for Harold Gilchrist at Audio/Mobile Blogging News.

I sent an email with the link to lp.org.

I left a comment with the link for Noah Glass at his blog.

Thanks for blogging Aaron Russo.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

2 Minute Audioblog from Doug Kenline

In today's audioblog I ask Aaaron Russo to please give us a daily audioblog.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Audio Message to Aaron Russo for President Blogger Committee

This is an audio message from Doug Kenline to the Aaron Russo for President campaign team.

Tom Knapp

Read Tom Knapp.

This weekend's road trip was to the Tennessee LP convention, a marvelous event in one of my favorite states. I was privileged to speak on behalf of Aaron. Whether he was privileged to have me speak on his behalf, I can't say. Did my best. I believe that we carried that delegation, not necessarily through my speech, but through the efforts of others.

Good work.

Howard Stern and Jeff Jarvis

Howard Stern had Aaron Russon on his show and says he wants Aaron Russo for President.

We need to find out if this is an official endorsement. If so we need to have Howard Stern put up a page where he officially endorses Aaron Russo that we can link to.

Jeff Jarvis is a big fan of Howard Stern.

Howard Stern links to Jeff Jarvis. Right now the article by Jeff Jarvis is the most recent post at the Howard Stern blog.

Jeff Jarvis is a major big-time blogger in the blogosphere. If Howard Stern endorses Aaron Russo then maye Jeff Jarvis will endorse Aaron Russo.

Thomas James

Read Thomas James.

What follows is a transcript I took of Russo on Fox news, and Stern. I appologize in advance for not knowing the name of Stern's two assistants, I'm not a regular listener.

Good work. Aaron Russo on the Howard Stern show.

HOWARD: Kerry is more sensitive to environmental issues. Bush actually enjoys raping the land. He gets pleasure out of it. Bush, by the way, has taken more vacation than any President in the history of the world, of any country. Maybe that?s good. Here's the thing, I dig where you're coming from. I want you as President!

Well we've got to find out if that is and official endorsement from Howard Stern. If it is then we've got to get Howard Stern to start doing a lot more talking about Aaron Russo.

Good work Thomas James.

If Howard Stern is backing Russo then maybe Jeff Jarvis would back Russo. Jeff Jarvis is a big-time blogger and a big fan of Howard Stern.

Stephen Gordon

Read Stephen Gordon.

To be clear, I am not advocating a call to arms. However, it is the time and the season to initiate a level of activism never before seen in the Libertarian Party and other freedom movements throughout the country.

Right on.

What is this blog all about?

My name is Doug Kenline and I have been asked by Brad Spangler to lead and organize an effort to basically get the word about Aaron Russo for President out to the blogosphere.

As I stated I believe that the number one objective for getting the Aaron Russo message injected into the blogosphere is necessarily to get Aaron Russo to blog for the people every day.

Well Aaron apparently is very busy with other things and is not the natural prolific blogger as some of the big-time bloggers are.

Well this is ok I guess but I strongly believe that the blog may be the most powerful weapon that Aaron Russo has in his warchest if he will help us with it.

So yes we can organize a little Aaron Russo blogger attack team and we will do that right here. However, without daily direction and motivation from the man himself, it will be much more difficult to gain the needed enthusiasm. But if Aaron Russo would blog for us every day with news, views, directions, motivation, and leadership, then we will win the election by a landslide.

I guarantee it.